Being successful in today’s world, means making the very best career impression possible.

No matter what your learning requirements, we are here to guide and assist you.

Online Course

Let us guide you through your job search, with a series of workshops and personal consultations to help you reach your full potential.

Are you tired of being stuck in a rut?

Would you like to grow your existing career to the next level?

Do you need a change of career, but don’t know which way to turn?

Are you tired of being overlooked for promotions?


Tip: Surround yourself with people who nurture you and encourage you.


What we can do for you


Job Strategist

We will be your Job Strategist. Our team will take over your Job Search (and most of the application process).  We will develop a self-help Job Search programme.

Career Development

Help with Moving Up in your Career. Find out where you are in your career and assess and identify career goals and possible skills gaps that need development.


CV Writing Services

Help with Writing your CV, LinkedIn and/or Social Media Profiles and more. Making relatively small tweaks that result in more exposure and more job offers.


Tip: Set career and job goals.


How we helped

  • Writing CVs, LinkedIn Profiles and more: More Work than You Think

    Most working people have a CV and a LinkedIn profile, but few have taken the time to connect the fact that they have not yet found a job with the fact that their profiles are sadly lacking in the right information. That is where we come in.

    We have helped countless people improve the information on their profiles and CVs. Making relatively small tweaks that result in more exposure and more job offers.

    Jane is one such client. Her CV contained what she thought was the right information, and her LinkedIn profile had each section completed, a CV uploaded and even recommendations written. Still, both elements lacked the keywords that were so crucial in her industry — ones that were being used in job descriptions. To help her identify what she needed, we conducted an interview with her and had her fill out our expert Job Strategist questionnaire. We also reviewed job postings for her industry to root out the keywords and core competencies needed in the jobs.

    The Results: After making customized tweaks to Janeʼs application materials, she began receiving many more phone calls and emails from employers. Within a few weeks, she had gotten a job offer from her ideal employer, and was even promoted again within a few months. With a relatively small investment, Jane got her dream job.

  • Clientʼs Challenge: Moving Up in His Career

    Armed with confidence, Client G. was ecstatic about his new career and his future prospects at the executive level.

    Client G. was in a career rut. He had a successful career thus far as a Supply Chain Director — but he was being passed over for higher-level executive jobs in his industry. He had been through the application process with companies in his industry, and without guidance, he felt ill-equipped to apply for higher-level jobs in other industries.

    We worked with Client G. to identify his core strengths and to identify other industries in which he could apply his broad range of skills. G. had seen himself as a successful commercial business person in one industry, but he had not realized that his skill set also matched well to leadership roles across other industries. We helped Client G. create a plan that helped him fill in the gaps in his resume and supported him with networking and finding new opportunities.

    The Ultimate Outcome: Within a very short time frame, Client G. had transitioned from his longtime job to a new role in a totally different industry, and at the vice president level at that.


Tip: Understand that job interviews are a two-way street.


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One  of  the  most  important  parts  of  an  interview  is  how  you  portray  others.

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Sitting down with the recruiter for the job you sincerely desire, is often intimidating.

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Once you understand and master an interview, you can achieve confidence and success.

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Tip: Look beyond your current job for transferable skills.


Survival Guide To Working With Five Generations


By 2020, there will be five generations in the workplace.

Spanning decades of conflicting morals and ethics, different levels of technology fluency and the battle for career progression, organisations will be faced with the task of generational management. Managers will need to develop new, innovative techniques to cope with conflicting personalities and skills without sacrificing business objectives.

Employees of all ages must understand the value differences, attitudes, mindset and preferences of the diverse generations, and organisations should work to foster better communication between the generations to avoid potential conflict.

Learn how understanding and communication can help minimise perceived generational gaps and how to direct the focus of employees onto shared values and expectations.




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